Thursday, July 26, 2012


You know all that sh*t you keep putting off, and letting slide....
until you're like, sh*t, I can't put this sh*t off anymore.

Well, that's the sh*t I tackled today. 

I was all, "I'm gonna get sh*t done today."

I researched sh*t, and e-mailed sh*t, and looked up sh*t, but couldn't decide on sh*t. 

In the end I didn't accomplish sh*t. 

So now I have just as much sh*t to get done as I did yesterday.

Sh*t, I am sick of this sh*t.

Same sh*t happens when I go shopping.

You go to the store with this whole list of sh*t, f*cking ecstatic that you finally got off your lazy ass to go get this sh*t, and you can't find one sh*tting thing off that piece of sh*t list. 

Then you gotta turn around and go get the sh*t somewhere else aNOTHER day! 

Or you make the sh*t-head mistake of going clothes shopping. 

You look through tons of sh*t that's too young for your old ass, and sh*t that's too tight for your FAT ass, and get so tired of trying sh*t on that you wear your same ugly sh*t back home. 

This sh*t puts me in a sh*tty ass mood.

I thought, sh*t, might as well write a post cuz I ain't getting sh*t done, anyway. 

I spent my whole day working on this sh*t and I don't have sh*t to show for it. 

I don't know about you, but I've had it with this sh*t. 

What sh*t did YOU think you were gonna get done today? 

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  1. You have one less piece of sh** to do today than yesterday since you've written this post:) This post is the sh**. It takes true talent to turn that word into a poem of sorts haha

    1. maybe i'll do a whole series;) up next: the most satisfying word for those days that suck: fu*k.

  2. Yeah, I also thought it was kind of poetic. Like Shitty Shitty Bang Bang. Or Shitty the Snowman going shittity shit shit shittity shit shit look at shitty go!

    1. lol...shitty shitty bang bang; love it! how bout fu*kity fu*k fu*k, fu*kity fu*k fu*k, look at frosty go=) don't teach that sh*t to your children.

  3. Hahaha! Funny, but not. I mean, you know!

    This makes me want to write a sh*t post, too, haha...

    1. do it. let's make a series. our next work is f*ck. ;)

  4. Fucking Excellent!

    I challenge anyone to claim they have never had a day where they felt like this. and I want whatever drugs they are on, lol

    1. these are the days swear words were made for;)