Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to kiss your career goodbye in one great big gratifying letter of resignation

Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 2:56:37 PM
Subject: RE: action plan- updated

Sure thing, "Boss"!!  Whatever you say:)  

wait, on second thought, why don't you do it yourSELF????  cuz frankly bitch, i don't think i care to ever do anything you tell me to do again.  correction,  take out "think."  i'm never going to do anything you tell me to do again. especially when you could have just as easily sent the plan to **** yourself as told me to do it. f**k that!

and no, dumbass, i told you all 7 thousand times that isn't what we needed to turn in for the grant.  but.  no one ever listened.  just complain, complain, bitch, complain - my god do you people ever  listen to yourselves?  can't figure out that - if instead of bitching 
about the way things are, you did something to change them - things might actually be different someday. I've finally realized, however late in the game, that people don't actually WANT things to be different. duh!  why was i always too stupid to figure that out??? 

Wow, I wish I had recorded your voice on tape for your superintendent to hear who you REALLY are and how you treat people "Mrs. M***** - a bully and a coward just like all the other little cowards on this committee who say all kinds of things about you behind your back they would never have the guts to say to your face.  It's curious to me, how no one can ever stand up to people like you.  No one ever stands up for anything, makes me sick really.  can't even stand up for these kids they like to pretend they all care so much about. oh well, it's a losing battle anyway.

oh, how you hated that i could see exactly who you are C****.  isn't that why you liked to come stand over my desk and puff up your big 7-foot self to try to be something you're not?  E***'s theory  was that you needed to get laid.  It's probably a little more complicated than THAT, right?


Happy (___) evaluation to you all!!!

Wish I could be there....

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